Products and Services

  • Kahn Design
    Signature Techniques represents Kahn Design, which is the UK’s foremost provider of fine bespoke automotive accessories. Refined in England, Kahn Design is committed to create the world’s most desirable range of aesthetic motoring products.
    The commitment given to the world is that each Kahn Design product would be a timeless classic. Reflecting style, individuality and quality, Kahn Design confronts the convenient aesthetics of the mass manufactured product – boldness combined with elegance, contemporary technology combined with traditional craftsmanship.
    Each of Kahn Design’s products is designed to make a statement in itself, while perfectly integrating with a vehicle’s existing aesthetics.
    The UAE’s strategic location enables us the reach that is necessary to provide these products to the entire Middle East and beyond. We can provide light-weight alloy wheels, body kits and aerodynamic styling packages, interior upholstery, and numerous exterior and interior accessories for vehicles such as Land Rover, Range Rover, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Maserati, and many more.
  • Savini
    Savini is North America’s premium alloy wheel brand for a wide range of vehicle. Wheels are available in numerous different styles and finishes and are sized from 17” to 30”. We offer the entire range of Savini wheels including their cast and forged range.
  • Stinger
    Stinger was conceptualized in the French Alps – the destination of choice for the rich and famous to enjoy the vast beauty of The Alps, luxury resorts, and the lavish culinary experience. With that reputation in mind, Stinger raised the bar to develop a unique vehicle customization experience. Stinger offers body kits, customized leather upholstery, high performance big brake kits, and a world’s first: 24K Gold brake calipers and accessories.
    Launched with the BMW 7 Series, Stinger offers a complete carbon fiber styling package including a new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper diffuser, and rear wing. Additional components include carbon side mirrors and rocker panels. These components give the 7 Series a much needed luxurious yet aggressive and sporty styling enhancement converting the 7 Series into a truly unique styling icon.
    Stinger also offers a Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance upgrade to enhance the vehicle’s power output and performance.
    The 24K Gold detailing is offered for the Stinger brake calipers, door handles, emblems, and interior components. Taking this truly unique detailing a step further, Stinger can alternatively offer these components in Silver, Platinum, or Palladium.
  • Urban Automotive
    The UK’s new luxury customization brand specializing in alloy wheels and styling components for Land Rover and Range Rover.
    Following immense success of their Land Rover Defenders, in mid-2016, Urban launched their V2 carbon fiber kit for the Range Rover Sport and SVR models along with their new wheel collection. This kit has taken the customization world like a storm and received world-wide adulation.
    Later part of 2016 will see the launch of the new Range Rover Vogue styling packages added to their portfolio.
    Urban believe in providing quality products at the highest standards of service and this is a virtue that resonates deeply with us.
    This revolutionary tire sealant product is distributed by Signature Techniques for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is retailed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
    Manufactured in the UK for over 20 years, TYRESAFE®’s ISO9002 Certified factory made a major breakthrough in 1992 by developing the world’s first “fiber-free” product and has become the world leader of this technology, and currently holds 90% of the European and North American markets. “Puncture tests” are carried out on every batch to ensure quality is 100%.
    TYRESAFE® is made up of thousands of tiny recycled rubber particles cut to our specific requirements, and is completely biodegradable. The sealing of a puncture is done by the blocking of the rubber particles in the wound and vulcanization of the wound by the action of the chemical component. TYRESAFE® also carries an “anti rust” inhibitor to ensure that the tire casings remain unaffected and also that the wheels are not damaged in any way. Furthermore, TYRESAFE® has a special coolant to help prevent blowouts from occurring and operates at temperatures from -20°C to over 60°C.
    TYRESAFE® will seal punctures up to 6mm in diameter on the tread pattern of a normal car and 4x4 tires and up to 10mm in diameter on slow earth moving equipment.
  • Specialized Vehicle Sourcing
    We can source specific vehicles for various purposes including fleet, motorcade, patrolling, security, construction, classics, and much more. Our intensive worldwide dealership network enables us to supply all types of vehicles. Additionally, we can provide specialized modification services to fulfill requirements usage for security, patrolling, VIP, etc.
  • Body Shop Facilities
    Our body shop specializes in complete painting capabilities including vehicle color change, candy and specialized colors, airbrushing and design, fabrication and repair. Using only premium paints and products, we strive to provide a level of quality unseen in this market, reaching and exceeding premium services currently available only in North America and Europe.
  • Vehicle Design
    Bespoke Interiors : Our on-site design team can work with you to provide a unique and personal interior design for your vehicle. If you are looking for specific materials, colors, textures, and pattern, we can provide various design layouts and proposals to suit your needs. Our designs reflect your preferences and artistic outlook, as these are the main components for your very own bespoke design.
    Exterior Design Our design team can also provide consultation towards your vehicle’s overall design, such as color combinations that will work best with the type of vehicle, body kits and wheels to enhance the vehicle’s existing aesthetics, and accessories to improve your expectations of your vehicle and to suit your lifestyle.